My experiences thus far in the journey to Corporate America have left me with the shocking awareness that corporate spaces today continue to be the exact opposite of what they market themselves to be; diverse and inclusive. I can count the number of times when I have not been the only professional who is black, female (or both) in the room. These instances are mostly limited to conferences and events that are specifically geared towards black professionals.

This is in many ways problematic, not only to those who are already in corporate America but those who seek to join it at some point in their lives. The sheer lack of representation and continuous pressure to conform in order to succeed are the norm and navigating spaces that in many ways are alienating is a challenge to many.

This is why Living Corporate is important to me; I see it as a platform to have frank dialogue about everyday issues facing underrepresented groups in corporate America. I believe representation matters and hope that the conversations we have are beneficial to everyone else out there and help people understand that they are not alone in whatever challenges they face.

- Parin

Living Corporate