We are a digital media network that centers and amplifies Black and brown people at work.

“Top notch, always relevant, always real. Here is where the crucial conversations and stories are told that ought to be had and told out there.”

“This is a brilliant source of collective intelligence in servicing the justice black, brown and all marginalized voices seek in the workplace and in society.”

“I’m an Asian and an immigrant! Really enjoy listening to your podcast. I like the passion.”

“Thank you for deep, thoughtful conversations filled with excellent content. I appreciate this podcast so much.”

“Top notch, always relevant, always real. Here is where the crucial conversations and stories are told that ought to be had and told out there. This is a brilliant source of collective intelligence in servicing the justice black, brown and all marginalized voices seek in the workplace and in society.”

“Thank you for deep, thoughtful conversations filled with excellent content. I appreciate this podcast so much.
“This subject is so relevant in today’s business world. Loving the podcast so far. Can’t wait for each episode to come out!”
“I love the episodes where advice about networking is given. Keep up the great work!”

“I love the work that Zachary is doing with this podcast. It feels good to feel that you can relate on such a personal and professional level.”

“I just listened to Ep. 83, I’m in love! I’ll be binging on your catalog all summer. Thank you for your support, Zach!”

“The Living Corporate podcast is a hidden gem that explores topics of interest to corporate professionals of color. The banter between Zach and Ade and the Tip of the Week segment are just a couple of elements that make this podcast special and worth listening to and insightful.”

“Zach and Ade, you two are awesome! Covering content that’s oh so relevant to the working black and brown professionals everyday experience. Keep putting on for the culture!”

“This podcast talks about super relevant topics pertaining to the struggles and experiences faced by black and brown professionals.”

“I really love this podcast! It’s completely relatable for my everyday corporate lifestyle and struggles as a black woman in the workplace. The guests on here are also great and touch on really good topics!”
“Definitely a podcast worth listening to! Being a POC in corporate is sometimes difficult to navigate because you may not know many others like you who have managed to land a corporate job, you may be the first in your family to work in corporate, or you’re just trying to figure out what your corporate identity is. Thank you for creating this podcast for us!”
“Excellent content with a transparent and candid lens!”
“As a young professional, I enjoy and appreciate the pure knowledge you two are presenting in an effortless manner.”
“Love this podcast, so many great insights, can’t wait for season 2!”

“Happy to listen!”

“Just now catching up. So glad someone shared this with me. 5 stars! *cue Jamaican horns*”

“This. Is. Special. Thank you for making this show. As a black woman in the workplace this really speaks to me! Keep it up, you two!”

“Their voices are made for podcasting, and I love how you both feed on each other’s energy. Bringing on guests that add tangible insights and tangible instructions. Your stories are transparent and transformational. Continue to educate and elevate!”

“So good and so needed for folks navigating corporate America. And love hearing what’s hot right now! Keep up the good work!”
“For a podcast that’s fairly new, Living Corporate came out the gate very strong. The topics are so relevant to working millennials and the guests are amazing! The first episode will always be so memorable and poignant to me, but also check out the mental health and LGBT episodes as good places to start.”
“Thank you for this podcast. I am a former Sr. Manager of HR and an Operations Manager in the tech field. Being both the only or one of a few POC managers AND typically the ONLY woman in upper management, I have felt for many years there was no community for me. This podcast is my community. It speaks directly to me, my experiences, and since my corporate career ended last year with difficulty I just wish I had discovered this well before this week! Keep it up. This is amazing.”
“I’m loving this show, especially the B-Side! The topics and the show speak to me directly as a black woman and it’s refreshing to hear that others like me feel like me. For us by us! Also love the “living single” sounds in the background!”
“Such a dope podcast with relatable and authentic content. A fave!”
“Caught me from beginning to end and I had to subscribe and consider this podcast apart of my life going forward…”
“Why are you not listening to this podcast? When it only gives you more knowledge for today’s world. Tune in and learn something new. Great show!”
“It’s so refreshing hearing stories and advice that relate to my experience in the corporate world. This podcast addresses the small but significant day-to-day intricacies that is generally not discussed elsewhere. Helping to navigate the world of corporate America. My favorite episodes are the Secure the Bag episodes. It helped me during my latest salary negotiations.”
“Get into this show!”
“Man, this is so refreshing! Defintiely unique with great perspective. And I can totally relate to so much of this show! Good stuff!”
“You don’t often find this type of program in these podcast streets so it’s both refershing and necessary discussion about corporate life for minorities. Go listen now.”
“Wow. So I was commuting in Chicago and WHOA! I stumbled across this amazing podcast. So relatalbe, so funny. Def excited to hear more!”
“Looking forward to listening to this show!”
“While my husband is one of the founders, I can say that I’ve been truly blown away by the quality of the content. I learn something every episode and walk away encouraged that black and brown people from all walks of life are willing to share their challenges, struggles, and success to propel us all forward. Give it a listen, y’all!”
“Love the format and the top-shelf guests and content.”
“Really great thought in the creation of the podcast. I personally think it’s a terrific idea.”
“This is a great and thoughtfully pieced together podcast! Informative, brief, and timely. #Subscribed”
“This podcast is for everybody, but I love the representation I feel when I listen in.”
“Great podcast with such valuable information! Loved the correlation Kyle made about how negotiating salary is similar to relationships in Ep. 2. This episode was right on time!”
“Great show! As a man of color, this show has created a way for those of us on the come up to get the information needed to move our way to success. Keep it coming, y’all!”
“Timely and informative. My new favorite podcast.”
“Free game, this podcast is a must listen. I will be back next week and the following week after next. Keep up the great work.”
“Great show, cuz! I learned a lot and could see many parallels as a student of color in the STEM fields.”
“I came across this by accident. If the subsequent episodes are as thoughtful as the first podcast, this will be a little gem. Everyone needs to hear these stories. It was interesting to hear this perspective, and I even found some of the issues surprisingly relatable. The hosts have excellent rapport and the interviewer neither fawned over their very accomplished guest or made it about themselves. He let his guest’s interesting stories speak for themselves. Very good first effort. I subscribed.”
“Lovin’ the insight!”
“Already blown away by the first episode.”
“Shout-out to a wonderful idea. I am so excited to hear about a place for people that are othered in the corporate world. I’m so ready for this and am glad there’s a place to feel heard!”
“This is authentic! I’m tuned in.”
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