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Working Through (Not so) Micro-Aggressions

In December 2016, I was working for a small company after two previously failed journeys with two different companies that ended miserably. I came into this new role as the Operations Manager.  It would be my first time in this role full time but I had run a business like this before as a manager. The good things were that the GM and I had both worked together in both of those previous two companies. We also were fully invested in this opportunity and one another knowing that we both needed some career remediation.

It didn’t take me long to recognize in this new company that there were cultural red flags all over the place. One of those flags was embodied as an outside salesperson.  Let’s call her Jamie. Jamie had been with the company for about 18 months before I arrived. After a few days, I began to see I was in a business that hadn’t performed an inventory in 10 years, an uninspired group working in the warehouse and counter sales area, and inefficiency in how orders were pulled, sorted, and delivered to customers. These items were major disabilities and a source of animosity for the outside sales team.

Immediately, Jamie & I bumped heads. She constantly blamed others in our business, including those under my stead, for her shortcomings and mistakes. Most of those mistakes were rooted in that this was her first sales job, she didn’t know the product she was selling, and she was handed the top sales accounts by the owner of the business who hired her but wasn’t involved in the day-to-day operation on-site. I learned to rely on other people in our business to communicate what my groups could and couldn’t do while also avoiding this salesperson’s toxic nature. In the meantime, she continued to throw tantrums, explode into expletive filled rants, and go over the GMs head whenever her personal needs weren’t met.

Things came to a head one day when Victor, the GM, asked me to come to his office to meet with him and Jamie quickly. We began talking and planning through a contentious situation involving one of my groups. Inevitably, the conversation became intense and began to reach it’s peak when she expressed how she was bringing all the business into our profit center and we were all holding her back. I replied, “What do you want, a cookie?” She stormed out of the GM’s office, slammed his door so hard flakes of acoustic ceiling tile fell from above, and she raged into the hallway yelling curse words and mowing over anyone in her path.

I drove off and went to an observation parking lot near Hobby Airport to watch the planes takeoff and land. I knew I would be fired. My fears were confirmed I went back to our office. She had called the owner who told Victor to fire me. It was one week before Christmas.

Whether you agree that I was at fault in my reaction or not, I failed because I wasn’t able to find a viable solution to working with someone who was inevitably a part of my success.

The valuable lessons I learned were:

  1. Know thyself. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to gain traction with management or other advocates, avoid potential hotspots. Hot spots may include communication like emails or meetings where things may turn volatile. If you can’t avoid those situations eat a snack or drink water before or during the meeting. You’d be surprised how your physical health can affect a situation.

  2. Know your people. Victor and I were both in a situation where he, ultimately, had no power over Jamie. He tried to manage her and her temper as well, but he eventually met the same fate I did.

  3. Know your situation. I was determined to make THIS situation work because of the scars I was still nursing from the previous situations. The truth is that sometimes you may leave one harmful situation for another. It happens.

  4. Know when to get out. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned throughout my career is that even though jobs are hard to find nothing can is more valuable than your inner peace. Yes, fight for your career. Yes, stand up with confidence for what is right and for your rights in the face of antagonistic forces. But always know where the “EXIT” door is so you can leave on your own terms.

The Gift of Professional Reinvention

Written by Tyeshia Miles


   Have you ever pretended to be happy with your career yet, you secretly desired something else? I can relate because that was me a few years ago.

At twenty-one years old, I earned my first six-figures in seven months simply by using my natural talents and skill sets as a cosmetologist. I vividly remember that feeling of financial relief; something that I was not accustomed to. I grew up in the projects watching my mom work several jobs, barely making ends meet to provide for her four girls. $243.12; an amount forever stuck in my mind. That was the amount on my mom’s check stub for two weeks of work. It serves as a reminder that I control my earning power. I will not allow anyone to profit off my labor more than me. It was motivation for my entrepreneurial journey. I opened my hair salon, The Signature Salon, with nearly $40K in cash, one year after serving my first client. Discipline and delayed gratification made opening my shop a dream come true. This journey was not without obstacles. I endured being racially profiled and I was discriminated against. I persevered while searching for a building, networking, creating sustainable revenue while enduring the mental pressures that

encompass entrepreneurship. Soon after, my business generated more revenue than I expected, and my life was good. Finally, my blood, sweat and tears paid off. I didn’t realize I generated over half a million dollars until my accountant told me. I no longer worried about being able to pay my bills. I wondered what I would do with the additional money. I had enough money for my needs, my wants and I was able to be a blessing to my family and others

in need. I asked myself, “what can I do to add another 100K to my income?” Adding more clients was the answer but unfortunately, it meant more time away from my family and on my feet. I had all the signs of success, yet I didn’t feel the freedom of success. Money was no longer my motivator. I knew I was meant for more and was not scratching the surface of my full potential. I wanted to do something that fed my soul. I had no clue that what I was seeking would require me to realign my complete life and career to obtain it.

   One day, I was in a group of heart-centered entrepreneurs. We all wanted the same things – to use our gifts and skills to earn money doing what we loved while positively impacting the lives of others. A seed was planted. I chose to become a certified professional coach. I invested in a high-level business mastermind program to surround myself with like-minded people to hold me accountable to achieving my new goal. The idea of professionally realigning was overwhelming, intimidating and scary. My journey of realignment also became a self-discovery deep dive. I strongly believe that we cannot

find our purpose without understanding who we are as a person. We must know what we want in order to obtain it. In my realignment, I discovered there are several questions that we must answer to gain clarity in order to move forward.

• Who are you and what do you value?

• What do you want to be known for?

• How much money do you want to earn?

• What problem do you want to solve?

• What are your strong and weak skills?

• Do you feel you deserve better and do you believe you can achieve it?

• Are you committed to doing the uncomfortable actions needed to achieve your desired professional goals?

• Do you need additional training or education?

• What obstacles do you need to proactively overcome?

• What is your financial plan to sustain you during your realignment?

   I diligently worked through each of these questions on my realignment quest. I am a former hairstylist and salon owner who is now, a sought-after business strategist, Inner Work Coach, author and speaker. I help unfulfilled entrepreneurs and professionals, who are ready to push past their fears to create practical plans for achieving both the career and lifestyle they desire with confidence. My journey of professional reinvention stretched me beyond familiarity into unchartered territory to create a fulfilling career and lifestyle. I happily work with less mental and physical effort while earning more money. More rewarding than that, I am blessed to use my life experiences and expertise to inspire and help others live their boldest life, NOW!

Tyeisha Miles is an international coach. Her mission is to teach service-based entrepreneurs, experts and speakers who  are tired of living beneath what they know is possible for their life and who are ready to profit from their passion and how to authentically share their knowledge to  help others and earn great money doing what they love. Learn more about her and her work at