See It to Be It: Traci Adedeji, Insurance Industry

About the series: See It to Be It is an interview series highlighting professional role models in a variety of industries. The goal of this series is to draw attention to the vast array of possibilities available to emerging...

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To Address Workplace Equity, We Must Discuss White Welfare

As I explore the words and legacy of MLK Jr. , particularly on the day he is federally observed in these United States, this video clip resonates above the single oft-quoted sentences from his I Have a Dream Speech...

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How Leaders Can Encourage Learning & Development

You probably already know that organizations with a culture focused on learning & development are more profitable, more innovative, and have greater market share. But how can leaders create an environment where learning is valued and rewarded? Align with...

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Learn to Get Comfortable with Change

Your world is changing more rapidly than ever before, bringing a barrage of industry discussions about disruption, agility, and resilience. Professionals who adapt quickly can seize new opportunities and manage their careers. It’s time for each of us to...

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Why Create a Learning Culture?

Peter Drucker famously said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” In other words, your strategy will go nowhere if your culture doesn’t support it. I would take this a step further and say “culture IS strategy.” Any goal that you...

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Truth Is, Nobody Knows What They’re Doing (5 Ways to Combat Impostor Syndrome)

“The truth is that nobody knows what they’re doing, but those who figure it out are those who come out on top.” These words from a diversity panelist ring in my head daily as I’m faced with new challenges....

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“Management Experience Required”?

Are you interested in moving into your first management role? You have probably noticed that most management positions require previous management experience. How can you get that experience without getting the job, and vice versa? Understanding Management and Leadership...

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When a Recruiter Calls, Answer!

Many people I know tell me they hang up on recruiters. Excuse me?!? Recruiters are fantastic people to have in your CHAMP network! You’re likely to be looking for a job someday or know someone who will be. You may...

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To Be or Not To Be: Out at Work

I’m an LGBTQ+ Employee. Should I Strive Be “Out” at Work? I’d love to say that everyone should be “out” all the time, but the truth is that employers need to earn their employees’ trust. First, look at your...

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Making the Workplace Safer for LGBTQ+ Employees

Why Should Companies Show They Value LGBTQ+ Employees? Employers know that employees need to bring their full selves to work if they are to contribute at the highest levels. At the same time, research tells us that half of...

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See It to Be It: Kristina Smith, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist

See It to Be It: Kristina Smith, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist By Amy C. Waninger About the series: See It to Be It is an interview series highlighting professional role models in a variety of industries. The goal of...

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See It to Be It: Higher Education Industry

See It to Be It: Higher Education Industry By Amy C. Waninger About the series: See It to Be It is an interview series highlighting professional role models in a variety of industries. The goal of this series to...

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How To Use LinkedIn Effectively

Ah LinkedIn! The “professional Facebook” as some like to call it.  Some also like to use it as a professional, but that is another post for another day.  LinkedIn is one of the best resources when it comes...

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The Purpose of Diversity & Inclusion Programs

Many companies have launched Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) programs within the last few years. These initiatives often incorporate some combination of training, executive coaching, networking opportunities, mentoring programs, and other components. Companies benefit when they can find and attract...

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See It to Be It: Newspaper Journalism

See It to Be It: Newspaper Journalism By Amy C. Waninger About the series: See It to Be It is an interview series highlighting professional role models in a variety of industries. The goal of this series to draw...

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See It to Be It: Healthcare Industry

See It to Be It: Healthcare Industry By Amy C. Waninger About the series: See It to Be It is an interview series highlighting professional role models in a variety of industries. The goal of this series to draw...

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Be a Mentor. Yes, You. Yes, Now.

Editor’s note: The following article is adapted from the author’s book, Network Beyond Bias: Making Diversity a Competitive Advantage for Your Career, and reprinted with the publisher’s permission. Be a Mentor. Yes, You. Yes, Now. There is always someone,...

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Navigating the MAGAs In Confined Environments

In Oct 2016, I returned back to the Plumbing Wholesale industry where I had previously spent the majority of my career. However, I was now working for a very small, private distributor with a single owner for the first...

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Working Through (Not so) Micro-Aggressions

In December 2016, I was working for a small company after two previously failed journeys with two different companies that ended miserably. I came into this new role as the Operations Manager.  It would be my first time in...

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Diversify Your Professional Network

Editor’s note: This article is adapted from the author’s book, Network Beyond Bias, and reprinted with permission of the publisher. Your Professional Network: Invest Strategically You’ve probably heard the saying, “Your network is your net worth.” Gale Porter coined...

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Inclusive Leadership

What Is Inclusive Leadership? Inclusive leadership is a complicated topic. Leadership itself is multifaceted, and we’ve seen a change in leadership over time. Leadership used to be very focused on command-and-control. Then the concept of servant leadership came into...

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Whites, it must frankly be said, are not putting in a similar mass effort to re-educate themselves out of their racial ignorance. It is an aspect of their sense of superiority that the white people of America believe they...

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Emotional Maturity

Written by Meagan Harding It was some time last year when my brother called me in sheer frustration to discuss an issue he was having at his corporate job. For those not familiar with play family, he’s not my...

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10 Practical Ways to Embrace Mental Wellness in the Workplace

Written by Christa Clarke I meditate in my office. I have a tea corner. I grow plants. To my current coworkers, I am very conscious about my mental well-being while at work. However, I did not always consider the...

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The Gift of Professional Reinvention

Written by Tyeshia Miles Have you ever pretended to be happy with your career yet, you secretly desired something else? I can relate because that was me a few years ago. At twenty-one years old, I earned my first...

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Leadership IS Allyship

Written by Amy C. Waninger , author of Network Beyond Bias Do You Aspire to Be a Leader? If you aspire to be a leader, you’re not alone. So many corporate employees aspire to leadership roles in their organizations....

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Living Corporate in the “Proverbial Closet”

My introduction into corporate America’s version of diversity and inclusion in 2006 was at the pinnacle of my career in financial services. And boy, was it an eye-opening situation. I was recently promoted from Personal Banker to District Manager...

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Your Personal Brand is Really Your Reputation | Your Power is in Your Story

*Written while listening to “Everything” by Nas “See ’cause you’ve never been the same as anyone else. Don’t think the same as anyone else.” — “Personal Branding” is not just social media or public speaking… in a corporate setting...

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Beyond The Bag

When I think about the role of higher education and wealth building for college graduates from a working-class background, I can’t help but think that the wealth building as a relay race. A relay race is no doubt a...

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Securing the Bag

“In business, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.” – Chester Karrass In our last episode about salary negotiation, Latricia shared some data regarding wage inequity in the workplace, namely that (1) in 1979, the...

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MeToo Backlash Is Real. And Wrong.

Several of my colleagues have asked me — numerous times — to weigh in on the #MeToo Backlash. It seems that men are retreating into their corner offices and private golf clubs to avoid accusations of sexism and sexual...

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Feeling Alone In Lonely Places

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” ― Steven Furtick In our first podcast, we discussed the topic of imposter syndrome, which is the conundrum of being unable to...

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A Seat at the Table

Roger W. Ferguson, Jr. (TIAA), Kenneth C. Frazier (Merck), Marvin R. Ellison (J.C. Penny’s); as of today these are the names of the only black CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, the lowest it has been in over 15 years....

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The Hope and The Dream

I’m a young, first-generation, queer black woman out here just trying to do it right. Except I’m not super sure what “right” is. Or what it looks like. At my very first corporate job, I took the absolute first...

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My experiences thus far in the journey to Corporate America have left me with the shocking awareness that corporate spaces today continue to be the exact opposite of what they market themselves to be; diverse and inclusive. I can...

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We Out Here!

The first time I saw a room full of black professionals felt like a sweet shock to my system. Over 4,000 Black engineers and aspiring professionals in one opening ceremony – I was at the National NSBE Conference and...

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Baldwin Taught Me

“To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.” – James Baldwin I don’t believe when Baldwin used “rage” here that he meant some mindless, violent...

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