Black Folks & The COVID-19 Vaccine (w/ Dr. Brian Williams)

Zach welcomes Dr. Brian Williams back to the podcast to discuss systemic historical inequitable healthcare for Black Americans and the current challenges regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. Connect with Dr. Williams via LinkedIn or Twitter, and check out...

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Post 1/6 Allyship (Part 1) [w/ Neil Edwards]

Neil offers a perspective on the events in Washington, DC on January 6th, describing his observations, and urge to invite white allies to the conversation to share their points of view in a multiple...

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Trump and Workplace Discrimination (w/ Katie Benner)

Zach welcomes Katie Benner, the Justice Department Reporter at The New York Times, to the podcast to discuss Trump’s attempting to roll back several protections for minorities under the Civil Rights Act, particularly intending...

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See It to Be It : Diversity Director (w/ Safiya Reid)

Amy C. Waninger welcomes Safiya Reid, the Director of Diversity & Inclusion at PURE Insurance, to the podcast to share her career journey and more. Check the links in the show notes to connect...

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The ROI of Human Resources (w/ Sarah Morgan)

Zach chats with Sarah Morgan, the founder and CEO of BuzzARooney, LLC, about the role of HR and the future of the profession in a corporate context increasingly focused on inclusion and belonging. Check...

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The Role White Women Play in the Workplace (w/ Julie Kratz)

Zach sits down with Julie Kratz, a highly-acclaimed inclusive leadership trainer, to talk about the role of white women in advocating for racial equity and inclusion in the workplace. Julie is also a TEDx...

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Cultural Competency in Leadership Programs (w/ Louria Lindauer)

Neil creates space for Louria Lindauer, a high energy, real, practical, and down to earth agilist, professional coach, and leadership development consultant to share the story of her leadership range from anger as a...

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TAP In with Tristan : What to Do About Burnout

Tristan Layfield follows up on last week’s tip that clued us into how to recognize burnout by discussing what to do once you’ve recognized that you’re burnt out. Curing burnout requires more than just...

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Black Diaspora & Community Building (w/ Derrick Ashong)

Zach sits down with AMP Global founder & CEO Derrick Ashong to talk about his journey and his latest efforts to affirm music and Blackness. Derrick is also the creator of Take Back the...

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Allyship – Beyond Declarations and Performative Actions

Neil shares a new, yet old view of being an ally. He frames the illusion of allyship present in the current societal narrative and how it limits our success if the goals are inclusion,...

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Onlyness, Power, & Community (w/ Nilofer Merchant)

Zach sits down with author, writer, and speaker Nilofer Merchant to discuss her story, the concept of onlyness, and the various power dynamics in intersectional contexts. Check the links in the show notes for...

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Emotional + Social Intelligence and Inclusive Leadership

Neil shares a segment of a message he received from a friend, a white male senior leader, and responds by sharing how developing in six areas of emotional and social intelligence can support expanding...

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See It to Be It : Motivational Speaker (w/ Frank Kitchen)

Our host Amy C. Waninger chats with motivational and keynote speaker Frank Kitchen on this installment of the See It to Be It series. Struggling with your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) work? Kanarys—a Black-founded company—has your back....

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Salary, Finances, and Career Management (w/ Rich Jones)

Zach sits down and has a great discussion with Rich Jones, founder and CEO of Paychecks & Balances, about career navigation, financial freedom and more. Check the links in the show notes to learn...

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Black Leadership and Trauma

Neil and Michelle Howard have an open conversation about the impact Black trauma has on relationships between Black and white people. Michelle offers a meaningful distinction to illustrate why Black trauma is important to...

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See It to Be It : Trans Activist (w/ Celia Daniels)

Amy C. Waninger chats with Celia Daniels, an Asian Indian trans woman of color who serves as an executive board member at TransCanWork, Inc., on this installment of our See It to Be It...

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HR & #BlackLivesMatter (Part 2) [w/Jillian Hubbard]

Zach sits down with DEI consultant Jillian Hubbard to talk about the current landscape of corporate D&I and the systemic ways organizations and institutions need to shift to create equitable and inclusive cultures. Check...

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See It to Be It : Insurance is Your Birthright (w/ Dr. Lee Nunery)

Amy chats with Dr. Lee Nunery, the founder and principal of PlūsUltré LLC, in this wide-ranging interview centered around the insurance industry. Check the links in the show notes to connect with Dr. Nunery...

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The First Black Consultant (w/ James H. Lowry)

Zach has the honor of speaking with James H. Lowry, the first African-American consultant for global consulting firm McKinsey & Company in 1968. They chat about his incredibly unique experience in the space at...

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Microaggressions: Recovery and Building Trust (w/ Kimberly Tiedeken)

Neil discusses Microaggressions: Recovery and Building Trust with Kimberly Tiedeken. They break down what they are and what leaders need to do to correct their infractions and build the capacity to be skillful in...

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5 Actions That Employers Can Take to Make Minorities Feel Valued at Work

By La’Fanique Reed Rev. Jesse Jackson once said, “Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth.” Beginning my career during a time where Diversity & Inclusion is a...

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Be a Mentor. Yes, You. Yes, Now.

By Amy C. Waninger Editor’s note: The following article is adapted from the author’s book, Network Beyond Bias: Making Diversity a Competitive Advantage for Your Career, and reprinted with the publisher’s permission. Be a...

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Your Personal Brand is Really Your Reputation | Your Power is in Your Story

*Written while listening to “Everything” by Nas “See ’cause you’ve never been the same as anyone else. Don’t think the same as anyone else.” — “Personal Branding” is not just social media or public...

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Feeling Alone In Lonely Places

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” ― Steven Furtick In our first podcast, we discussed the topic of imposter syndrome, which is the...

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