DIB & The Future of Work

By Kham Ward

As we begin to implement our plan of what the future of work will look like across our company, I’m excited to reflect on what we’ve considered for our practices, and how diversity, inclusion, and belonging are a fundamental part of LiveRamp’s future.  


The typical work week looks vastly different now, with many employees continuing to work remotely and others choosing to spend time in LiveRamp’s soft-opened offices. In planning the future of work, the Workplace Experience team, who have been at the forefront of planning and support, ensured decisions were made with respect to our company values, especially “we empower people” and “we respect people and respect time.” 


We understand that with the pandemic also came a number of life changes, whether that be where people lived or what their available working hours are. Shelter-in-place last year, along with a number of world events, gave people an opportunity to discover (or rediscover) their hobbies and interests and shift their focus and put life in perspective. The computer programmer by day may be a stand-up comedian at night—they have a passion for both, and should be afforded the time to pursue both interests. While at work, we believe individuals should be able to be their best selves. To do that, we need to respect their time. 


Asynchronous collaboration is key to ensuring effective communication and sharing across platforms, especially as team members may be working across different working hours. Core collaboration hours amongst teams are agreed upon, and team members are encouraged to schedule regular blocks of uninterrupted time for deep work, backlog reduction, and space for innovative ideas. 


With our workforce being global, we understand the importance of providing an engaging workplace experience virtually. We continue to hold monthly virtual town hall meetings, safe spaces for conversation led by our eight employee resource groups, virtual wellness holistic programs, and our home office equipment and ergonomics program. These improvements are made with the goal of empowering our LiveRampers to be their best selves. 


With the fundamentals of DIB in place over the past year, I’m proud of the work we’ve done thus far. We’re only just getting started, but I take pride in our first annual DIB report, especially the statistic from our report of the 1.5% increase in Black and LatinX employees at LiveRamp. Over the next five years, our North Star is seeing DIB integrated into our entire organization, where we impact innovation, growth, and revenue. As a community, we must remember to pull others up as we climb, to ensure we give back to our communities and see it continue to thrive. While we’re continuing to adjust to what the future of work looks like, I’m proud that diversity, inclusion, and belonging were fundamentally considered. 


Thank you to LiveRamp’s Global Head of Workplace Experience, Eric Nelson, and LiveRamp’s Director of Employee Experience, Roeh Quisao, whose insights contributed to this blog. 

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