Post 1/6 Allyship (Part 3) [w/ Ken Mossman]

Neil creates room for Ken Mossman to tussle with what he was seeing, what his body experienced, and the reality that a narrative around innocence was suddenly gone as we observed insurrectionists storm the US Capitol on 1/6/2021. Ken explores some big questions that may be the questions many need to hear to get their head around the feelings they’re having now. Even in the absence of clear answers, sometimes it is the right question that is most needed to determine a new way forward. Ken is a professional coach and leader who works with men. He has been doing his work for two decades with international clientele spanning corporate, academia, entrepreneurship, and arts. He is living a big broad life full of adventures. I encourage you to read Ken’s story on his website. His focus is helping men expand their emotional literacy, fluency and flexibility so they can lead with presence and empathy.

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Check out his website.

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