156 Tristan’s Tip : The Importance of Reflecting On Your Career

On the forty-third installment of Tristan’s Tips, our amazing host Tristan Layfield talks about the importance of reflecting on your career. If you’re looking to make some major career changes, start identifying things that relate to where you want to go – those will be the things that help sell you as that best candidate!

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Tristan: What’s going on, Living Corporate? It’s Tristan of Layfield Resume Consulting, and I’ve teamed up with Living Corporate to bring you all a weekly career tip. This week, I want to talk to you about the importance of reflecting on your career. Today I participated in a LinkedIn Live where the topic was change, specifically taking change by the horns. We discussed many things surrounding change, including a big career transition that I’m going to be making, but one of the things that we discussed was career changes and knowing the transferable skills to get you to the job that you want. Now, when I talk to many of my clients, I find that that’s the exact issue that they have. They don’t understand the transferable skills that they possess to get them the job that they want. And I’ve been sitting and thinking about why that is, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because many of us are not necessarily reflecting on our career and the experiences that we’ve had. We’re so in the throes of our day-to-day job that we don’t tend to keep track of the things that we’ve done or experienced or the results we’ve driven, but unfortunately if you’re looking to make some major career changes, that information is so essential. So I know you’re probably like “Well, okay, what can I do with that?” Well, I tell people “If you know what job you want to get, start reading job descriptions, and then directly following that, read your resume to reflect over the experiences that you have inside of it, but then also start thinking about the experiences that you may not be listing that align with what you read in that job description.” You don’t want to just think about achievements and awards, but you want to think about projects you were involved in and how you created results there. You want to think about ideas or strategies you recommended that somebody else may have implemented. You also want to think about things like trainings or involvement in employee resource groups or anything that’s going to help you connect the dots so you can paint the picture of why you’re the best candidate for that job. Now, after reflecting, if you can’t relate anything in your experience to where you want to go, you probably need to identify opportunities that can provide you with those experiences. You can do that by talking to your manager or networking in the office to get an idea of ongoing or upcoming projects that you might be able to volunteer for and gain those experiences. Once you take the time to reflect on your career, I can guarantee you’re going to start identifying things that relate to where you want to go, and those are gonna be the things that help sell you as that best candidate. This tip was brought to you by Tristan of Layfield Resume Consulting. You can connect with me, Tristan Layfield, on LinkedIn, or you can catch me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @LayfieldResume.

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