144 Tristan’s Tip : Creating Value at Work

On the thirty-ninth entry of Tristan’s Tips, our special guest Tristan Layfield shares with us three ways we can create value at work. Opportunities to provide value in the workplace can sometimes be right under your nose, so definitely take advantage of these useful pointers!

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Tristan: What’s going on, y’all? It’s Tristan Layfield of Layfield Resume Consulting, and I’ve teamed up with Living Corporate to bring you all a weekly career tip. This week let’s talk about 3 ways you can create value at work.

So what exactly is value? Well, value is defined as the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. When I talk about value with my clients it is usually in relation to conveying it in things like resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, and even their annual review. But before you can convey value, you have to create it. So here’s a few pointers to help you identify ways to provide more value at work.

First, look for a process that happens often but is overly complicated. Companies are always looking for ways to improve their processes. When you streamline a process you typically provide people with more time or the company with more money. If you can be the person to provide the solution you can definitely use that as a selling point on your resume. Just be sure to track exactly what role you played in the project and results the project produced for the company.

The second way to create value is by becoming a subject matter expert in a specific thing. A subject matter expert is typically the “go-to-person” for something. To become one you really have to know the subject in and out but once you are bestowed that title you begin contributing at work not only through what you do but also through the work of everyone you help.

The last suggestion is to identify solutions to shared problems. You know those times where you’re on a team call and everyone is complaining about the same thing? Take that as an opportunity to identify a few solutions for whatever the issue is. Present those to your manager and offer to implement said solution. I’m sure your manager will be impressed.

Opportunities to provide value in the workplace can sometimes be right under your nose. Just remember, whatever you do track all of it so you can leverage in your resumes, during interviews, and even when you’re requesting a raise.

This tip was brought to you by Tristan of Layfield Resume Consulting. Check us out on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @layfieldresume or connect with me, Tristan Layfield, on LinkedIn!

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