In 2018, Corporate America is more diverse than ever before. However, thoughtful conversations that explore the realities of our experiences are still hard to find.

That's why we launched Living Corporate.

What is "Living Corporate"?

Living Corporate is a multimedia platform dedicated to exploring and celebrating underrepresented identities in Corporate America.

Who are y'all and why are y'all here?

We are early to mid career consultants who came together based on our shared desire to have frank conversations about the ways we exist, survive and succeed in corporate spaces.

As a collective, we represent a broad spectrum of beliefs, cultures and identities, and we know that our differences have shaped our perspectives and experiences in Corporate America. We want to engage with other voices that often go unheard and have our conversations out loud.

We're here to take up space. We out here!

Who is Living Corporate for?

Living Corporate is for anyone who wants to have these conversations with us and push the needle forward on how we can can create and sustain spaces that reflect true inclusiveness.

Where can we connect with you?